50 Shades of Prey

Sometimes… a phrase triggers things.

This comic originated on my personal dislike of a similarly labeled popular thing. I joked that I should do a parody comic called 50 Shades of Prey. I fail at parody. I went through FOUR different ideas really fast and even the original summary does not match what I ended up with! I am not one hundred percent sure what I’m going to do. It is plotted out to have three stories. In the end, I may hold a vote for the vote of the character the story is told to, Anakin… or I may decide to go a completely different route and continue the stories and judgements, complete with a trial by judge/jury/executioner. For now, this comic will update on Saturdays. It is solid black and white and IS intended to force me to be minimal. It is also only showing on Tapastic.

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