Beta Update

Everything I post here is betas. Feel free to comment on things that don’t make sense or just read and enjoy them. I use the feedback to improve the stories.

With my Vella It Always Starts With Coffee completed, I have begun a follow-up to Texts in Read/Bats and Butterflies, which is called Haven. I’m not ready to post it because I don’t have enough written, so I’ll wait until Little Red Werewolf has concluded.

The next addition is Blood Diamonds, my current WIP, which is a Beauty and the Beast fairytale reenvisioning which has gone off the rails. It was meant as a one-shot novel, YA Historical Fiction set in 1887, but it has a lot of fun elements to it that I can write more if I want.

Beauty and the Beast, where both… are both. A beauty turned into a beast to avoid losing her soul and a beautiful soul belonging to a man who’ll never be wanted. 

– TC Ross

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