Campus Safari 14 – 07


Oh wow.  Looking over this update again and it pleases me so much.  Using a digital doll to get poses right has helped draw things into tighter conformation without messing up how I normally draw.

As you can see, I’m beginning to catch up.

I will have two pages of Draco Vulpes and Genoworks Saga done by tomorrow afternoon.

My husband had his surgery and has been stuck at home from then until hopefully Wednesday, depending on his doctor visit on Tuesday and if they pull the drain tube out.  He can’t shower or drive or anything right now. 😀

The tumor was benign!  You can tell that we’re all doing a lot better since I’m getting stuff done again!

You will be getting sneak peeks of my entry into Spider Forest’s next graphic novel soon, along with the start of the Kiet story, which I have begun penciling.  I will also be returning to the AD side story and various other things that fell by the wayside.

– Tiff

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