Campus Safari Today and Next Week

Here we go!  I know this is probably the sixth time in the last year I’ve had to ‘restart’ myself, but it’s a little different this time.  I’ve been emotionally exhausted and I’m beginning to feel sparks here and there that have been missing for months.  Not forced ones.  Natural flows that I’ve been missing for so long.  These pages even feel better and were a bit less of a struggle to get done.  I’ll be finishing a commission after this, then doing pencils.  No Genoworks Saga for this week most likely.  I might if I finish it on Wednesday, but again, hubby is having surgery and I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. 

SO I used models again, but I used them in a different way.  I use an android app called Easy Poser and found that you do NOT want to trace those models, because the male model is obnoxiously OFF.  However, the female model is awesome and it was good enough to just set the scenes up and pencil by referencing those scenes.  This tends to draw things together naturally and fixes little stylistic bad habits that I shouldn’t have fallen into.  It’s funny how a HUMAN model is this effective, even on my digitigrade characters.

And, as you can see, I feel more wordy again and not the prior short, stressed notes. 😀

– Tiff

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