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I’m working on Campus Safari right now and hope to have it done by this evening.  Alien Dice and Draco Vulpes are next to be worked on.
I had a few little glitches involving my backup laptops.  Mostly of the ‘this is why I got a new laptop variety’. :/  My Surface 2 shuts down randomly and it has done so at inopportune points.  There was also trying to locate the adapters I didn’t realize I would need, d’oh.  Now it has informed me that it doesn’t like to connect to the keyboard anymore.  The connection to the keyboard keeps making it reboot if it’s moved in the wrong way. 😛
The good news is that even though I can’t see the progress on my laptop, it arrived on the 10th and I had to contact Lenovo via facebook to get an actual note on it arriving and the first repair being done.  They replaced the casing on it where a strip of fabric had suddenly appeared on top of my screen bezel.  This worries me to no end, because I’m concerned it will come back and the digitizer will be wonky. It’s still under warranty, but I need my laptop, so I made sure to stress that on the paperwork I sent in with it. 😀
They part they’re working on now is getting it to show them the keys that stick while it’s in use.  My ctrl, windows, alt, g, random keys, would just STICK.  This has been an ongoing issue and it’s not the hardware, it’s something in the coding, because it was even doing it with my onscreen keyboard and would not stop until I rebooted the machine.  I was told 5-7 working days, so it’s POSSIBLE I will get it back on Friday or Saturday.  More likely, it will be next week.  
So far, my experience with Lenovo has been, your machine is glitchy and weird, but it still works once you get past those annoyances.  We’ll see how service goes. :/
– Tiff

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