Cyantian Chronicles Early updates Week of May 1th

Darius:  Obviously probing for a spot to dig into Kiet.  Darius is good at this – I am not, which makes it difficult when writing out this kind of dialogue and scene. 😀

Campus Safari:  Now there’s a revelation that wasn’t part of the original Campus Safari storylines. 😀

Genoworks Saga: Yup, that devolved quickly.

Wow, I finally managed to get all THREE updates up in the SAME week.  Go me!  Unfortunately, problems over the last week have put me a week behind and Campus Safari and Genoworks Saga may be late next week or skipped depending on how quickly I can work on Vincent.

Vincent is going to be late, but I don’t want to skip the extra update so it’s going to be worked on Monday or Tuesday, probably Monday.  In two weeks school will be out and my hectic schedule will ease up a bit!  YAY SUMMER!!  Wow, remember when I dreaded summer?  Now,… I dread the school year, but I only have one more year of this schedule.  The reason?

Kim’s school starts at 8:40am.  This means that I get up around 7, try to work in as much work as I can between getting ready for the day and getting Kim ready, leave early, drive her to school 15 minutes away, every day.  It tends to take 45 minutes round trip, but for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to get home before 9:30 (I must stop at Winco/Aldi/Tom Thumb/Kroger/Sprouts on the way home since I’m already out so I don’t have to do it later).  Sometimes I don’t get home until 10:30 if I need to take Bear to dog park.  (We don’t have a fenced in back yard at the moment, so it’s tricky to exercise him and the dog parks tend to be the best way for me and him to get exercise since I can walk for half an hour.)  If he’s not worn out, he drives me nuts wanting to be with me all the time. 😀  He’s not going to the dog park for the next two weeks due to neutering. 😀  I get home at random times, make lunch around 11:30 for hubby, then don’t get to work until 12:30 to 1.  That has been my day for the last few weeks, so I work as much as I can from 1 until I need to pick Kim up and make dinner, then until bed time.  I hate this schedule.  I work slower when people are here. 🙁  Summer means I have Kim home, but I don’t have to drive anywhere!!  

These last weeks of school shouldn’t be that bad.  I just have to endure a wet dog nose on my arm for several hours and him shoving toys at me. 😀

I can’t wait until she’s in high school and my husband drops her off in the morning every day and I just have to pick her up. 😀  I work the most efficiently in the morning, so you see what happens when I LOSE my entire morning. 🙁  

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