Cyantian Chronicles Early Updates Week of May 31st

Darius: Something important to remember about Elite cyantians.  The elites were modified to be pit fighters.  To prolong their time in the pit, they have a heightened healing that is active as long as they are moving.  When they stop moving, they stop healing as quickly.  They heal faster than unmodified cyantians even when not moving.  This does lead to extreme appetites. 😀  

Genoworks Saga – Yup.  I did it again. I FORGOT to upload an update that was completed.  It was done, and here it is.  Cisco is fitting into his new adoptive family, the Digni.  (Little known fact:  They are named for the race of underground builders mentioned in the Myst books, which I found far more entertaining than the games.

Campus Safari – Twinky’s contemplating just how he’s going to introduce himself.  Meanwhile, Jules is feeding Cilke. 😀  

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