Cyantian Chronicles Kickstarter – 5 Days Left!

I keep forgetting the other reason that I’m short on time. Every morning for the past week, I’ve been spending two hours going through the Original Campus Safari #2 collection, trying to figure out what is wrong with it and resubmitting it to Createspace. Every. Morning. 198 pages. TWICE. As I’m typing, I’m waiting to see if I finally got it right. On Monday, I call for more details if it fails again, because there’s nothing wrong with it and if it’s an image that’s the problem, they really need to TELL me WHICH one! It’s the last book to get approved. It will be done!

The Kickstarter itself has 5 days left and it looks like it’s going to hit the charm stretch goal! The higher tiers will be getting a skunky charm of their choice. I’ll lay that out later. I’ll be inking those charms this week!

Please note, there are not any international tiers but I can add them if you want, however, you can order The Cyantian Chronicles #1 and #2 via Amazon in your country now and even get free shipping!! The Original Campus Safari set will go up in a couple of weeks once I get the proofs and approve them. That’s much better than the $30 I will have to charge. I’ll be making charm tiers as well and those will not be $30.

Kickstarter Link!
Also, I do have auctions for the covers plus the covers for The Cyantian Chronicles #3 in progress!

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