December Update

I’m working up a blog post on world-building, but first, I’m going to add a few entries. I’ve got the author spotlight in the Noblebright Alliance Discord – Join here if you enjoy Noblebright – and since I don’t have any published books yet, I’m working on my worldbuilding. This has probably always been one of my strongest areas. 

Patreon’s being fussy. I am posting weekly updates, but they’re not feeding over automatically. I’ll keep pushing it.

This month, I will likely be launching a Kickstarter to pay for editing of Rex Regis, which will be my first novel. This is an Urban Fantasy Romance set in my Arcane world. This was previously Blackwood. I’m still working up what to offer for rewards. Professional editing will run me $1,500, and I have a wonderful editor I can’t wait to work with. While I’m an artist, I can’t do the cover and will be using Etheric Designs, which will run me from $300-$500. It’s not an insurmountable amount. I was only going to do an ebook, but I’m going to go ahead and shoot for physical books too. I know I’m looking at $2k minimum. More on that when it’s time.

I was challenged to write a story WITHOUT fantasy elements. So I started one on Kindle Vella that’s a romantic comedy about a man who sees the world through grinch glasses. He has an axe to grind with his boss, who swooped in and took his promotion. Now he’s plotting ways to make her life miserable while she’s… sneakily doing things like swapping Secret Santas so she can give him a wonderful homemade gift. Just what is she up to? (I am likely going to upload this to Patreon as well for non-American readers since Vella is only available to the US market. I have to recheck what’s allowed.)


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