Draco Vulpes Chapter 1 Pages 12-15


There we go.  Got them done and I am dragging, but I’m just going to upload randomly.  You’ll still get things early and maybe NEXT week will be the week.  This week fell apart after with dogs/puppy/puppy who btw went back to her prior home last night by Kim’s choice as she realized she couldn’t handle her.  I didn’t like the dog at all.  She had small dog syndrome and someone had apparently carried her around EVERYWHERE and protected her from EVERYTHING.  Oh, she was sweet and cute, but I wasn’t going to be the one trying to correct that and teach her manners and Kim was overwhelmed by her.  I also didn’t like how she had zero dog socialization so she spent most of her time trying to attack Bear – who ALMOST ended up going back to the shelter this week. 

I WILL keep up with work.  I may be a little late, but it’ll get done, until December, when everything will probably completely fall apart. 😀 😀 

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