Hurray, now my site looks like it’s SUPPOSED TO. Thanks to the theme owner. 🙂 They fixed the issue!

Now, I’m going to get started on filling in the site. It’s devoid of stuff because I needed new glasses. Not having them made me resistant to working on my computer and made it hard to concentrate… that’s apparently been fixed. I’ve only had these on for for five hours and already FEEL BETTER!

The other issue, I’m going to poke at Patreon. Yes, you can read everything on their site, but I wanted to have it set up here for easier reading and options. You can poke that slider on the top to switch from light to dark theme. I love it! I also love being able to display my art! – TC

PS. AAAAAAAH WHAT IS THIS?! I can put gradients and round the corners… don’t mind me! I like this theme a lot!

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