July Shivae Studios Announcements

To begin with, I am taking a family vacation this month and going up to Tennessee for a family reunion. There will not be ANY updates from July 26th to August 1st.

That includes Patreon extras Saign, and Vincent and Filaire.. I’ve managed to avoid skipping any, but I do need a break.

Now, on to other news.

I’m rebranding Shivae Studios toShivae Press for books and Shivae Shinies for merchandise.  Why? It’s more representative of what I do and divides those two sides for easier management.

 I’ve begun scripting Swiftpaw pages and will be going in and tweaking Vincent and Filaire’s scripts now that I’ve been hit by a new path to take.  Vincent and Filaire is going to be going on for AWHILE.  He has a lot of  growing to do.


That’s all I’m going to have time for in July. 🙁  I’m also going through and drawing in Kickstarter books to get them out, so I can move on to the next Kickstarter!

 House searching is also still taking time.  We don’t have a house to move to.

Rates are rumored to go up in September so we must buy before then or we’re going to be set back for awhile.  The rates being so low are the only way we’re able to go for homes that actually open up our area.  Working on it so I can do bigger projects, but not going for anything that we clearly can’t afford and that’s put us in

the bottom of houses available in an already tight market. This is not fun and it’s soooo time consuming.

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