Note Regarding the Patreon Fee Increase


Patreon has decided to implement a new fee structure, one that I hate.  It passes on the charges  that would normally be paid out of my end to you at the rate of 2.9% + .35 of your pledge.   I get 95% of your pledges instead of the 80% to 85%.  However, I HATE that arrangement.  I quit using Storenvy due to their random fee structure to the person buying things.  I’m not happy about this with Patreon, because there aren’t any active competitors yet.

If you feel the need to end your pledge, I will understand.  I went through and had to adjust pledges of my own, because I have a limited monthly amount I can spend. 🙁  It felt awful.

I would rather have more supporters paying less than fewer paying more… because in the end, I suspect I’m going to lose more than I’m going to gain anyway and even if it balances out, I’m still going to be sad about lost patrons.

– Tiff

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