Patreon Update


Just a minor blurb here in case you were wondering:  I am not going to close down my Patreon as long as people are still subscribing to it, however, I’m not going to be promoting it either, so don’t worry about me just shutting it down.  I know it’s more convenient for some while now more inconvenient to others.

I’m unhappy with them, but I’ve been unhappy with them for years over certain dumb decisions.  This is just another in a long line.  I am exploring alternatives and one good thing came out of this, I decided to give Gumroad a try and will finally put up a store presence there as well as upload some of the content from here to there.  

Gumroad isn’t a solution though.  I would have virtually no ability to type up random long messages or really communicate with my supporters.

– Tiff

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