Random Ramblings 001

New Character Driven strip comic, to update weekly here on Patreon. It’ll begin updating on cyantian.net in a couple of weeks.

You can give me any character you want that appears in the comics and I’ll do something like this. Some will be a single character profile like this and then a square comic, others will be this, plus additional strip oriented comics. So far, Darrik has this and then a longer one immediately followed, then a Vincent short one (because he already has a lot of stories), then I’m in the middle of scripting Collin’s little story.

These are meant to be informative, telling something about the character, explaining something, give you insight. They are not the same as Pawprints stories, which are meant to be light and kid friendly. These Random Ramblings (which I don’t have an actual name for), might be funny, might be serious, might be both, and not be as kid friendly.

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