Shivae Studios Book Kickstarter!

While I’m sure everyone already knows about it, you never know, so I’m posting this now. I just launched a Shivae Studios Book Kickstarter. I’m putting the original Campus Safari out in two volumes! (Please note, Volume 1 is not the same as the prior edition I put out years ago. The new edition is books 1-5 in volume 1 and 6-10 in volume 2 for an even split. Sorry about that. 🙁

The Cyantian Chronicles collections #1 and #2 are also part of the Kickstarter. Volume 1 has most of the same content as the original edition I put out a couple of years ago, plus Genoworks Saga #1 in the same book.

I don’t want people buying new volumes of things I’ve put out before just because there’s extra content, so I’ve minimized it. Yes, I know I should put more stuff in there to entice y’all, but I’m just not into that.

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