Space Cowboys #5: Cattle Drive

Of all the scifi genres, I love space cowboys more than anything else. This, of course, puts Firefly at the top of what I enjoyed the most in the past, above Star Wars and Star Trek. Babylon 5 is in a place all its own.

My entry in Space Cowboys #5: Sawyer’s Crossing

Sawyer wanted a horse for his birthday. What he got was an expensive book, a Chronicle. When an annoying uplifted Highland heifer steals his Chronicle, he has to get it back—at all costs. With the voices in his head offering advice, he sets out across a treacherous river sea and into the unknown.

This edition includes stories from MANY of the members of my Alpha Mercs writing group!

Jessie Slater’s first published story is in this volume! Spearman Burke, Jesse Barret, Nick Nethery, and Nancy Frye are also members in this anthology.

Space Cowboys #5: Cattle Drive is available in print and ebook form from Amazon!

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