The Cyantian Chronicles Early updates Week of July 17th

I apologize.  I made a massive error and missed the fact that I did not update comics on like I SHOULD have so that they are out of sync.  I’m skipping the updates until we actually get back TO the updates.

I probably should have just taken a week off when we got very busy and I had to leave town overnight.  Hindsight is 20/20 and well.. I also didn’t know my husband was going to be home all week with a sore back. :/  I haven’t figured out why, but I can’t concentrate when he’s home.

Campus Safari has overupdated, then I remember that it’s NEXT week’s update I show. So enjoy. 😀

Darius: I changed how I do the night scenes after tips from the webcomic artists group I’m in. 😀  This works so much better for night scenes!  And now, … I’m sure most readers remember the gates…. 😀 😀

Genoworks Saga also over updated.

Random Ramblings Collin: also overupdated…

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