Work Update

Whew.  July is pretty much over (and so is my unlimited tea from Racetrac :() and I’m making good progress.  For the first time in a couple of months, I was able to lay out panels and letter comics.  Normally, I have 12 pages of comics laid out and six pages lettered and try to keep that buffer.  I was down to 0 pages for some comics.  Right now, they’re all laid out to 12 pages and I’m working on letters. 

Penciling for Alien Dice, Jenny, and Vincent will be my first priority this week and I’ll pencil Serin and Shivae! as well as anything else I can.  I intend to pencil six pages before I begin inking those and then maintain that buffer as a new one. 

I currently have several commissions to finish for Bear and need to lay out the Nevix pages I already have done for his collection.

Summer is almost over and this year’s schedule for getting Kim to and from school is finally in my favor.  I won’t have to break my afternoons up for school pickup!  

Other items I need to complete:  Color charm design for Kickstarter, work on Shivae! Kickstarter and get another piece done from the prior Kickstarter that I needed to wait on info to get done.  I AM going to work on the next Cyantian Chronicles kickstarter as well, which should see another Cyantian Chronicles Volume, Akaelae V3, Darius V1, and possibly Campus Safari V1 and Genoworks Saga’s volume 1.  I’m caught up on a lot of old work!

That’s all I have for this week, thank you so much for your support!  It keeps me and my family going!

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