Wyrd West Release!

Wyrd West is now live! Order a copy here!

At the fringes of civilization, anything can be true. Tall tales turn into fantastical realities, and the hidden is revealed to a few who brave the wilderness to push forward in exploration. The American Old West would have been no different, as chronicled in these tales of strange creatures, daring heroes, and unbelievable occurrences… or are they so far-fetched?

My entry, “Tarnation”, follows an old Monster Hunter on a mission into Palo Duro Canyon in 1894 to find out what’s responsible for a rash of missing children. Accompanied by a peace-inducing kirin and a Scottish deerhound, Arawn sets out with a rough start from Amarillo, with the people being more of a problem than the actual monster.

Four other members of my writing group, “Alpha Mercs” are also in this volume!

Sam Robb, Seth Taylor, and Matt Ryan.

Nick Nethery edited the volume! He’s currently managing the Raconteur Substack.

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