Steampunk Anthology: Full Steam Ahead!

Today Full Steam Ahead releases and I have a story in it! (And look, my name is on the cover!) This is a Steampunk Anthology released by Raconteur Press and the third of their anthologies I have a story in. Fellow Alpha Mercs Michael Burke and Jesse Barrett are also representing!

My short is: Call Me Sunny

The children of Zeus, dragons, rule the skies unchallenged… until today. A group of Tinkers have built an air schooner and take it on a test run with a single Hunter among them. Fifteen-year-old Sunny is along for the ride, a rare Hunter whose been accepted into their ranks. And it’s up to him to handle the worst case scenario and keep a dragon at bay with experimental equipment.

This short story follows a novel where Sunny is a secondary character and the younger brother of the male MC. I’m plotting to revise the manuscript for submission this year.

Full Steam Ahead Link

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